'ios8.3'에 해당되는 글 1건

애플은 버그문제로 3월 예정된 IOS 8.3과 여름에 예정된 IOS 9 에서 최초로 퍼블릭 베타를 내놓을 것이라고 합니다.

여러 사람들에 의하면 차기 iOS 버전에서 버그를 해소하기 위한 노력으로 퍼블릭 베타를 실시할 예정이라고 합니다. 

Apple의 소식통에 따르면 지난해 OS X 요세미티에서 OS X 퍼블릭 베타의 성공에 따라, 3 월 중순 자사의 애플 시드 프로그램을 통해 공개 베타로의 향후 iOS 8.3을 출시 할 예정이라고 합니다. 

이 자료는 같은 주로 계획된 개발자를 위한 세 번째 iOS 8.3 베타 버전의 발표와 일치합니다.

Apple은 6월에 월드 와이드 개발자 컨퍼런스에서 iOS 9를 공개한 뒤 여름 동안 퍼블릭 베타 릴리스를 거쳐 가을에 최종 릴리스를 발표할 예정입니다.

지난 2014 년 10월에 출시된 OS X, 요세미티는 Apple에 등록 된 100 만명에 베타 버전으로 새로운 Mac OS를 출시했습니다. 높은 수준을 특권을 유지하기 위해서는 iOS 용 퍼블릭 베타 프로그램은 10 만 명으로 제한된다고 합니다. 

코드 네임 스토우라고 불리는 iOS 8.3에는 무선 CarPlay, 업그레이드 된 이모티콘 키보드, 시리를 위한 확장 음성 및 Google 서비스를 위한 간단한 로그인 지원 등이 포함 된다고 합니다.


출처 : http://9to5mac.com/2015/02/20/ios-9-public-beta/


Apple will fight iOS bugs with first-ever iOS Public Betas: 8.3 in March, 9 in summer

In an effort to eliminate bugs from upcoming iOS versions ahead of their general releases, Apple plans to launch the first-ever public beta program for the iOS operating system, according to multiple people briefed on the plans. Following the successful launch of the OS X Public Beta program with OS X Yosemite last year, Apple intends to release the upcoming iOS 8.3 as a public beta via the company's existing AppleSeed program in mid-March, according to the sources. This release will match the third iOS 8.3 beta for developers, which is planned for release the same week. Apple then expects to debut iOS 9 at its June Worldwide Developer Conference, with a public beta release during the summer, and final release in the fall…




Ahead of the October 2014 launch of OS X Yosemite, Apple released the new Mac OS as a beta to the first one million people who registered with interest. Apple has said that it will soon provide these users with early looks at OS X updates such as the upcoming 10.10.3 with the new iCloud-based Photos application. In order to maintain a higher level of exclusivity, the public beta program for iOS will apparently be limited to 100,000 people, the sources say. Apple began seeding a select group of retail employees with iOS betas for minor releases in January. In the hands of developers since last year, iOS 8.2 will not enter public beta.


Codenamed Stowe, iOS 8.3 was first seeded to developers in early February with several enhancements. The updated software includes support for Wireless CarPlay, an upgraded Emoji keyboard, an enhanced voice for Siri, and simpler login for Google services. A second 8.3 beta is expected next week. iOS 9, codenamed Monarch, will include fixes and performance enhancements as headline features. Apple is also working on iOS 8.4, codenamed Copper, that bundles Apple's all new streaming music service. Like the early iOS 8 developers builds, the public betas will include a dedicated app that allows users to report bugs to Apple.

The main goal of the iOS beta program will be a more reliable and widely tested operating system by the time of the wider consumer launch, as Apple has come under fire for lack of quality control in iOS 8. Launching public beta versions of iOS will also reduce the demand for unauthorized sales of beta downloads from developer accounts, which enabled some consumers to test-drive future iOS features. Apple Vice President of iPhone and iOS Marketing Greg Joswiak publicly shared his concern regarding these blackmarket businesses, saying that Apple planned to fight those in the future.

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