TechCrunch의에서 새 보고서에 의하면 향후 애플 워치는 Apple이 시계의 스트랩과 케이스가 연결되는 2 개의 슬롯 중 하나에 숨겨진 포트가 있다고 지적하고 있습니다 .

보고서에 의하면 "스마트 스트랩" 및 기타 Apple 시계 액세서리 테스트를 쉽게 하기위해 사용할 수는 있지만, 실제 테스트에 사용 된 라이트닝 포트는 제품 출하시에 포함되지 않을 것이라고 합니다.




포트는 현재 개발 목적으로 시계에 연결하는데 사용되지만, TechCrunch는 그것이 앞으로 "스마트 스트랩"을 사용할 수 있다고 추측하고 있습니다.


유사한 플랫폼은 밴드가 시계의 OS와 상호 작용하여 장치에 추가 센서를 추가 할 수 있도록 최근 도입 된 페블 타임 스마트 워치의 일환으로 발표되었습니다.


Apple Watch has a Lightning port for development, but won't when it ships


A new report from TechCrunch notes that the upcoming Apple Watch has a port that Apple has yet to show off hidden in one of the two slots where the Watch's straps connect to its case. The report brings up the possibility of using it to facilitate "smart straps" and other Apple Watch accessories, but 9to5Mac has learned from sources that the port, which is actually a Lightning port being used for testing, will not be included on the product shipping to customers.



The port is currently being used to connect to the Watch for development purposes, but TechCrunch speculated it could be used to bring "smart straps" to the device in the future:


The reason I ask is that the Apple Watch has a port that the company has yet to show off. It's being used for diagnostics and direct access to the Watch operating system, but it's feasible that could be used to connect accessories in the future.


A similar platform was announced as part of the recently introduced Pebble Time smart watch to allow bands to interact with the watch's OS and add additional sensors to the device.


The report from TechCrunch also notes that Apple snuck in its usual "Assembled in China – Designed by Apple in California" marking inside the other strap slot.





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